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"Why are all the good people locked up at night while the bad people freely walk the streets? Become a police officer and change that."

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10 min - 3:00p - Minneapolis - 15XX Logan Ave N - Caller was assaulted about an hour ago and is now requesting EMS.... http://fb.me/7diCIqHYX 
3 hrs - 11:40a - Minneapolis - Lyndale Ave N / Mississippi Dr N - DOA (Dead on Arrival) - This was a little weird -... http://fb.me/5B7L7bIq6 
5 hrs - HAPPENED OVERNIGHT - 9-27-16 11:45p - Transit PD Chase from St. Paul, though Maplewood, past Woodbury, and into... http://fb.me/1B0gXbZWc 
6 hrs - AUDIO: HOW NOT TO GET QUICKER POLICE SERVICE IN MINNEAPOLIS... From August, but just around to posting. Maybe... http://fb.me/5d94BNoxc 
7 hrs - 7:25a - Woodbury - I94 / Woodbury Drive - Vehicle Fire - Smoke and flames seen. Everyone out of the vehicle.... http://fb.me/RNd8YW3W 
9 hrs - Parents, how much do you hate this time of year...homecoming....lots and lots of kids out TPing! 3:40a - Maple... http://fb.me/4z0pXlrru 
14 hrs - 11:45p - Bloomington - 1225 78th St E (Northwood Inn) - Attempted abduction - Male tried to pull female into his... http://fb.me/2Hx70jcfS 
19 hrs - 7:55p - Minneapolis - 11XX N Humboldt Ave - Shotspotter Activation - Shotspotter detected 1 round in the area.... http://fb.me/4ehEOpNEg 
21 hrs - HAPPENING NOW 5:25p - Brooklyn Park - 75XX Brunswick Ave N - Shooting- 1 victim shot in the back / chest -... http://fb.me/2qZ14Tcs8 
21 hrs - 4:30p - St. Paul - 400 North Robert - Robbery - Agate Bank - Male wearing a white hoodie, black curly wig and... http://fb.me/3hrJg5G2N 
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Oath of Honor
On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust.

I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.

I will always uphold the constitution for my community, and the agency I serve.

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