Minnesota Police Training Providers

Featured Providers

Alpha Training & Tactics LLC Alpha Training & Tactics LLC

Alpha Training,Tactics & Sales is based in Spicer, MN. Instructor/Owner/Operator Steven Marquardt is retired from active LE duties and has been running this business since 2013.

The Emergency Medical Services division of the Hennepin County Medical Center provides basic and refresher courses for First Responder, EMT-Basic, and EMT-Tactical training.

Other Providers

Advanced Minnesota  This consortium of five colleges in Hibbing, MN, provides EMT and First Responder original and refreshers classes for northern MN agencies.
AIAFS  The American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies is a Minnesota based organization provides training for police officers in areas of child endangerment, abuse, neglect and mental health.
Alexandria Technical College  Alexandria Technical College provides a two year LE program in addition to continuing education for MN police officers.
Allied Medical Training  Allied Medical Training is based out of St. Paul, MN. The offer course in EMR, EMT and EMS refresher classes
ATOM  The Association of Training Officers in Minnesota sponsors continuing education training for MN police officers.
Ballistic Defense  Ballistic Defense is a LEO owned training company that specializes in providing firearms based training to Law Enforcement across Minnesota.
BCA  The MN Buearu of Criminal Apprehension provides extensive continuing education for MN law enforcement.
Calibre Press  The Calibre Press is an IL based police training company, but they proved a lot of police training throughout the US, including multiple classes a year in MN.
Center For Somalia History Studies  The Center For Somalia History Studies is a St. Paul, MN, based company that offers training to police on the Somalia culture and Middle East terrorist groups
Century College  Century College in White Bear Lake, MN provides a variety of continuing education classes for current officers. Participation is available through annual agency membership or individual sign up.
Cornerstone  Cornerstone is an Advocacy Center located in the metro area that supports law enforcement with resources and training on Domestic Abuse incidents.
Dakota County Technical College  DCTC provided continuing education for MN police on various subjects - EMR, EMT, Driver Safety, and leadership.
EMS Certification Status  The Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board keeps track of all individuals who are certified as an EMT or First Responder. They also list up-coming courses.
FBI Academy  The FBI Academy provides various police training across the country and in MN, including the National Academy and Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (LEEDS).
FBI-LEEDA  This non-profit organization provides leadership and management training around the country and hosts classes in MN a couple times a year.
FEMA NIMS  FEMA's mandated National Incident Management System Training for Law Enforcement.
FLETC  The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center provides a variety of police training across the country, including the state of Minnesota. FLETC provides training in a variety of areas including tactical response and digital forensics.
Fred Pryor Seminars   Fred Pryor Seminars is a national training organization, however they provide a lot of training to law enforcement in MN.
FTO Solutions  Field Training Officer Solutions provides courses for patrol officer field training. Trainer Kevin Kelleher has a long and diverse career in law enforcement and training.
H-11 Digital Forensics  H-11 is based in Salt Lake City, UT, but they provide multiple training classes in MN in the area of computer and digital forensics.
HealthEast  HealthEast is bases in St. Paul. They provide EMR and EMT original and refresher courses.
Hennepin Technical College  HTC provides continuing education for officers in the area of EMS in Eden Prairie and Brooklyn Park and the annual M-Step Terrorism Symposium in Brooklyn Park.
HSEM  The MN Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division of MN DPS provides various training courses for MN police officers.
IACP  The International Association of Chiefs of Police provides a variety of police officer training around the country including MN.
Inver Hills Community College  Inver Hills provides EMS training including EMT and AEMT and Paramedic. Certifications and testing is administered through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT).
John Reid and Associates  John Reid and Associates have been providing training across the country on Interview and Interrogation for many years. They host several classes every year in MN.
L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Combat Systems  This police training organization provides a wide variety of training for law enforcement. There LOCKUP tactical training is popular in MN.
Law Enforcement Solutions  Accurate, concise and factual law enforcement writing is needed now more than ever. Writing for Success is a course where officers learn & demonstrate their writing skills required to successfully get their cases charged and effectively prosecuted.
League of Minnesota Cities  LMC provides a variety of training classes, both in the classroom and through PATROL (Peace officer Accredited TRaining OnLine).
LOCATE Training  LOCATE Training sponsors law enforcement training throughout western MN. LOCATE Training equips officers in the trenches with wisdom, leadership and skill. We strive to help officers protect themselves and those they serve. We are dedicated to helping MN law enforcement excel in their craft.
Mental Health Crisis  The Mental Health Crisis Response Institute provides training for MN police officers in CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) techniques.
Metro CISM Team  The Metro CISM Team provides trained peer support to emergency responders to effectively build resilience and manage critical incident stress for healthier lives, families and communities.
Midwest Tactical Systems LLC  Midwest tactical systems LLC provides cutting edge training for law enforcement, military and specific security services. Courses offered are highly researched and practiced in the real world to ensure the best practices are being offered. They offer various classes in Minnesota.
Minnesota MERIT Center  The MN Emergency Response and Industrial Training Center is located in Marshall, MN. They host a variety of training for MN law enforcement. They also have a defensive driving track on site.
Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA)  The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA) is Minnesota's largest association of officers. In addition to provide officers the Legal Defense Fund, the association hosts an annual conference every year.
Minnesota Sex Crimes Investigators Association  The MN/SCIA is located in Eagan, MN. They provide various training related to sex assault investigations.
MN Chiefs Association  The MN Chiefs of Police Association provides a variety of law enforcement training every year. They also host the annual ETI MN Chief's Conference every spring.
MN Coroners and ME Association  The MN Coroners and Medical Examiners Association provides Death Investigation courses to MN law enforcement.
MN DPS Emergency Communications Network  The MN Dept of Public Safety ECN provides training to officers and dispatchers on all things related to the statewide ARMER radio system.
MN DPS Office of Justice Programs  The MN DPS OJP provides training on topics such as managing crime victims, human trafficking, identity theft, and juvenile justice.
MN DPS State Fire Marshal  The Fire Marshal Division of the MN Dept. of Public Safety provides arson investigation classes to police officers throughout MN.
MN DPS State Patrol  The Minnesota State Patrol offers several courses for MN law enforcement including but not limited to DWI enforcement and highway safety laws.
MN POST Board  The MN Peace Officer Standards and Training Board publishes upcoming continuing education training that they approve. In 2016 they will again start tracking CE credits for all officers.
MN Sheriffs Association  The MN Sheriffs Assocation provides continuing education training to MN law enforcement throughout the state.
MN Traffic Highway Safety Center  The St. Cloud State Univeristiy MN Traffic Safety Center provides defensive driving, EVOC, PIT and Night PIT courses for new students and existing law enforcement.
MNCIT Officers Association  The Minnesota CIT Officers Association trains Minnesota police officers on how to strategically deal with those who are experiencing a mental health crisis.
MNLED (MN Leadership and Educational Development)  An E-learning system that specializes in providing online leadership training that is tailored to MN law enforcement. Sponsored by the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association.
NADDI  The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators is a national organization that provides drug abuse and diversion training to police officers around the country, including MN.
Northwestern University  The Northwestern University Center for Public Safety provides a variety of police training and management classes in MN.
On-Target Solutions  On-Target Solutions Group provides a variety of leadership, management, and internal investigation training courses in Minnesota
PATC  The Public Agency Training Council is based in Indiana, but they provide various police training around the country, including MN.
PATROL  The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, MN Chiefs of Police Association, and MN Sheriffs Association bring you this web-based Police Accredited TRaining OnLine continuing education solution.
PLET  Professional Law Enforcement Training is based in Dallas, TX, but they provide various police training around the country, including MN.
Police Combat  Police Combat provides tactical training to police officers across the country, including MN. They are well known for their L.O.C.K.U.P. courses.
PoliceTraining.net (MN)  This site aggregates available police training across the country and lists some law enforcement continuing education available in MN.
Professional Development Institute (PDI)  St. Paul Police Professional Development Institute is run out of the new Richard H. Rowan Public Safety Training Center in St. Paul. They provide a variety of POST approved continuing education for officers from agencies in the region.
SAFETAC Training  SAFETAC Training is operated by Travis Yates, the 2008 ILEETA Trainer of the Year. The exclusive training company for Law Officer Magazine and endorsed by organizations across the country. SAFETAC provides leadership training to MN law enforcement.
SCALE Regional PS Training Facility  The SCALE Regional Public Safety Training Facility is located in Jordan, MN (Scott County). The training center serves Police, Fire and EMS from around the area.
Search.org  This organization provides training for Computer Crime Investigators.
SOTA  The Special Operations Training Association provides specialized Continuing Education in the SWAT and tactical areas.
South Central College  The South Central College is based in Fairbault and North Mankato, MN. They provide training and recertification on Commercial Vehicle Inspection Recertification.
South Metro Public Safety Training Facility  The South Metro Public Safety Training Facility (SMPSTF) hosts continuing education training for police officers. It is located in Edina, MN, and is jointly owned by Edina, Eden Prairie, Bloomington and MSP Airport Police Department.
Storm Combatives  S.T.O.R.M. (Strategy and Tactics On Redirecting Movement) Combatives LLC offers customized seminars and combative training for law enforcement, corrections, security, and first responders.
Street Crimes  Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes provides training to police across the country on tactical related course. They come to MN every year.
TC Organized Retail Crime Association  The Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association provides an annual conference every year on retail crimes for MN law enforcement.
The Raytom Group  The Raytom Group is a disabled Veteran owned business that specializes in accelerated, intense, and immersive training in a variety of disciplines tactically and medically. Our course are perfect for LEO and adjacent supporting units. They provide EMT training in partnership with HCMC.
UMCPI Regional Training  The Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute is a non-profit organization based in Woodbury, MN. They provide continuing education for police officers in the MN area.
University of Minnesota Crookston  As a four-year, public university with an enrollment of more than 1,800 students (approximately 900 on campus and 900 online), UMC proudly carries on a tradition of a century of educational service to Northwestern Minnesota.
Van Meter and Associates  Van Meter and Associates provides training to law enforcement throughout the United States and in Minnesota. The cover topics such as performance measures, PIPs, internal affairs, report writing and many other topics.