Aircraft Registration Search for airplanes by their "N" tail number. 
Commercial Vehicles Search the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for DOT numbers or companies who are shipping via commercial vehicle transportation. 
Criminal History A public portal to search a persons criminal history in MN. Hosted by BCA. 
My BCA The My BCA application is only accessible via a secure and approved network. The application now includes access to several databases including DVS Access, DVS Crash Reports, FBI National Data Exchange (N-DEx), MNJIS Integrated Search Service (ISS), MNJIS Reports on Demand (MROD), and the Supplemental Reporting Service (SRS)  
Predatory Offenders Search the MN Predatory Offenders database. 


BCA - MNJIS Products and Services MNJIS products and services include, CIBRS, Criminal Histories, CHRMS, eCharging, DANCO, ISS, LiveScan, MRAP, MROD, and Statute Service. 
BCA - Policy on Appropriate Use of Data Systems Date 10/3/2013, this document lists all BCA data application and the proper use policy for each. 
BCA - Suspense File Management Download Forms and Tips for Managing Suspense Files 
DOC - Statewide Supervision System Police restricted access to the MN Dept. of Corrections Statewide Supervision System (Log - in required) 

Records Retention

MN Clerks - General Records Retention Schedule - May 2017 The Minnesota General Records Retention Schedule is provided by the Minnesota City Clerks and Financial Officers Association. 

Statistical Reporting

BCA - CJRS Manual Contact information for the Criminal Justice Information System division of BCA. 
BCA - MOC Codes Access to the Minnesota Offense Codes used for crime statistical reporting to the BCA. 
BCA - Supplemental Report Forms Forms for Pursuit, Bias, Homicide, Firearms Discharge, LEOKA, etc. 


BCA - Order Collection Kits This link explains how to order Blood, Urine, Sex Assault and/or DNA kits from the BCA.