Case Law - Federal

US Supreme Court - Search Excellent case briefs search tool for US Supreme Court cases. Includes text/audio of the rulings. 
US Supreme Court Rulings By Topic An list of US Supreme Court cases by topic. 

Case Law - Minnesota

MN Appellate Court Rulings A list of all MN Court of Appeals rulings. Hosted by the MN Law Library. 
MN State Law Library A search tool for researching case law. 

Legal Procedures

MN House & Senate Bills Current bills being reviewed by the MN House and Senate. 
MN Rules The index of all MN Rules as listed by the MN Revisor of Statutes. 
MN Rules of Criminal Procedures The MN rules as it relates to criminal procedure. Eg: Rule 4.03 - 36/48 hour detention. 
MN Rules of Evidence The MN rules that relates to admitting evidence at trial. 
MN Rules of Juvenile Procedure The MN rules that relates to dealing with juveniles in the court system. 

Statutory Laws

Minnesota Statutes Search the MN statutes by keyword and/or index. 
United States Code Search the US Code by keyword. Available from Cornell Univerisity. 
All County/City Ordinances A list of links to MN county and city ordinances. 
Code of Federal Regulations Search the federal CFR laws. 
Landlord/Tenant Laws A summarized list of laws that relate to landlord and tenants rights in MN. 
MN BCA Criminal Justice Statute Service Search the MN statutes. Similar to what you can do on this website, but not as fast. 
MN Building Codes The current building codes used in Minnesota.