Aircraft Registration Search for airplanes by their "N" tail number. 
Commercial Vehicles Search the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for DOT numbers or companies who are shipping via commercial vehicle transportation. 
Criminal History A public portal to search a persons criminal history in MN. Hosted by BCA. 
DVS DL Checks With a drivers license number, you can obtain the STATUS of a drivers license. This information is public record. 
Predatory Offenders Search the MN Predatory Offenders database. 

Common Carrier Info

DHL Package Tracking Package tracking for DHL. 
FedEx Package Tracking Package tracking for FedEx. 
Find a Post Office Search for a US Post Office by city and state. 
UPS Package Tracking Package tracking for UPS. 
ZIP Codes Find a zip code for a certain address. 

Fraud Unit

Banks Search FDIC for banks/branches by name, state, county, city, etc. 
Banks - By Routing Number Search Federal Reserve for a bank by routing number. 
Computer and Internet Fraud List of Federal Laws relating to computer and online Internet Fraud. 
MN Fraud Enforcment Partnership MN DPS organization that works with police and citiizens who are swindled in Internet and phone scams. 

Internet Investigations

Digital Forensics A detailed list of links that are related to Digital Forensic Investigations. 
DNS & IP Search (All Whois) Search a DNS or IP address. 
ISP - Legal Contacts This is an all inclusive list of law enforcement related contacts for Internet Services Providers. 
NameSpace DNS & IP Search Search an IP address and return a Domain Name. 
Network-Tools Trace and search IP addresses. 
Whois DNS & IP Search Search an IP or Domain Name and return the other.