911 Magazine This printed and electronic magazines focuses on solutions for 911 PSAP Centers. 
Dispatch Magazine A magazine dedicated to issues/information of Dispatch Centers 

PSAP Related

911 PSAP Map This is a map and list (by County) of all Public Safety Answering Points in Minnesota 
DPS - Emergency Communications Network The Emergency Communications Networks Division of DPS is responsible for the oversight of all PSAPs throughout the state. 
DPS Emergency Communications Network NG-911 Information The ECN provides the latest information and progress report on the state's roll out of the Next-Gen 911 system, which officially went live in December 2017. 
FirstNet The FirstNet project is overseen by the US Department of Commerce. Approved in 2012, its mission is to develop, build and operate a nationwide, broadband network that is dedicated to public safety. 
Metropolitan Emergency Services Board The Metropolitan Emergency Services Board oversees and regulates metro PSAPs and the statewide radio system. 
Minneapolis ECC Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center dispatches calls for Minneapolis and the University Police/Fire Departments. 
MN Administrative Rules for PSAPs Minnesota Legislative Rules that define the procedures for operating a PSAP in the state of Minnesota. 
MN Statewide Radio Board - ARMER ARMER Radio Board is a subset of the DPS - Emergency Communications Network. 
ORIs by State A complete list of ORIs by state. Drill down to county and city. 
Radio Reference A list of public radio frequencies sorted by MN counties and cities. 


Aircraft Registration Search for airplanes by their "N" tail number. 
Commercial Vehicles Search the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for DOT numbers or companies who are shipping via commercial vehicle transportation. 
Criminal History A public portal to search a persons criminal history in MN. Hosted by BCA. 
My BCA The My BCA application is only accessible via a secure and approved network. The application now includes access to several databases including DVS Access, DVS Crash Reports, FBI National Data Exchange (N-DEx), MNJIS Integrated Search Service (ISS), MNJIS Reports on Demand (MROD), and the Supplemental Reporting Service (SRS)  
Predatory Offenders Search the MN Predatory Offenders database.