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Does your organization want better exposure to the Minnesota Law Enforcement community? There is no better way to enhance your exposure than to advertise on Minnesota Police Links.

Our site has been used by Minnesota police officers since 2002 and our monthly hit rate is more than double than the number of police officers in the state.

We offer a variety of advertisement placements at a very low cost. Whether you want to raise the awareness of your organization by displaying your logo, or wish to promote a new product, a training class, or a job posting, there is a banner size that will fit your needs at a price that will fit your budget.

Please contact us at for more information.


1. Leaderboard
     Dimension: 728 x 90px
     Maximum file size: 160kB

2. Small Rectangle
     Dimensions size: 135 x 60px
     Maximum file size: 15kB

3. Medium Rectangle
     Dimensions size: 300 x 250px
     Maximum file size: 50kB

4. Short Wide Rectangle
     Dimensions size: 300 x 60px
     Maximum file size: 40kB

5. Product Promotion Scroll
     Dimensions size: 335 x 170px
     Maximum file size: 30kB each

If you're time is limited or your don't have the tools create an image, we will create one for you at no additional cost.

Acceptable File Types:
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • Animated GIF
  • MP4 Video (no audio)
  • In effort to support iOS devices, we discourage the use of SWF (Flash).