Crime Statistics

MN Uniform Crime Reports View BCAs annual reports on all crimes in the State listed by agency. The reports go from 1995 to the previous year. 

Data Privacy

13.03 Subd 4 - Data sharing between governmental agencies. 13.03 Subd 4 defines how data is classified when one agency receives the data from another agency. 
13.10 - Data on Decedents Rules regarding the sharing of data on deceased people.  
13.41 - Licensing Data Covers data privacy as it relates to licensing data. 
13.43 - Personnel Records MN Statute 13.43 covers data privacy information as it relates to personnel records. 
13.46 - Mental Health Data Covers data privacy for mental health records and what can be released in emergency situations. 
13.6905 - List of Public Safety Data Practices Coded Elsewhere This is a summary list of the more obscure public safety data practices statutes that are coded outside of Chapter 13. 
13.82 - Arrest and Incident Data-Adults Covers data privacy for arrested adults. 
15.17 - Data Retention Mandate This statute defines the requirement of what data you must keep and for how long. 
168.346 - DVS Records Covers data privacy as it relates to DVS vehicle records. 
171.07 Sub 1a - DL Photos are Private Information This statute says DL Photos are private, but may be obtained by law enforcement for the "investigation and prosecution of crimes...and traffic court". 
171.12 - Crash Reports and DL Info Covers data privacy for crash/accident reports. 
260B.171 - Juvenile Data Sub 5 of this statute covers how law enforcement should treat juvenile data. 
299C.10 - Arrest Data on Juveniles MN Statute 299C.10 covers data privacy for arrested juveniles 
626.86 - Personnel Records for Police Applicants Covers data privacy for what and when you can release police officer applicant records. 
Criminal Intelligence Data This is a link to the Federal Code covering retention of Intelligence Data. There currently are no MN Statutes that regulate this. 
HIPAA Law Enforcement Exceptions Explanation of law enforcement exceptions to the HIPAA data practices laws. 
Medical Data in Police Report - IPAD Opinion This IPAD opinion covers the release of medical information included in a police report. 
Minnesota Government Data Practices Act Complete guide on data practices as it relates to MN government records. 
MN Department of Administration Data Practices Office The MN Department of Administration Data Practices Office (formally known as IPAD) provides opinions and interpretation of data practices laws. 
USC Title 18, Section 2721 - DMV data is PRIVATE. USC Title 18, Section 2721 - and MN Statute 171.12 classify DMV data is general as PRIVATE...with several exceptions.  


471.895 - Gratutities This statute covers the acceptance (and non acceptance) of gratuitities. 
Budgets Comparisons Compare financial reports between two cities, counties, or townships as recorded by the MN State Auditor. 
Local Government Aid to MN Cities/Counties View how much state aid money that is given to each MN city over the past several years. You can sort by city or by county. 
MN Dept of Administration - State Procurement This is the portal to Minnesota's Department of Administration State Procurement Center. This site will provide you with a list of all vendor contracts already negotiated with the state of MN. Before make a direct purchase, you should check to see if the state has already negotiated a better price. Login in required. 
MN State Purchasing Contracts View the contracts the State of MN has with private vendors (log in required) 
POST Board Reimbursement for Training MN POST Board will reimburse agencies for a portion of agency training expenses. The MN Legislature dramatically increased reimbursement for continuing education starting in the year 2018. 


16B.97 - Grants Management This state statute explains on how grants are managed in the state of MN. 
16B.98 - Grants Process This state statute explains how grants are processed and audited in the state of MN. 
Department of Public Safety eGrants This website provides a solution for agencies to apply for all grants provided by or through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. (Eg. TZD, Homeland Security) 

Hiring Procedures

MN Rules - POST Training & Licensing MN Rules relating to licensing and training Police Officers 
POST Board Home Page MN Peace Officers Standards and Training regulation board 

Internal Affairs

13.04 - Rights of a Subject in an Investigation MN statute 13.04 covers Officer Rights and Tennessen Warning 
214.10 - Handling a Complaint MN Statute 214.10 covers how to handle a complaint against a police officer. 
626.89 - Officer Discipline Procedure Act MN Statute 626.89 covers the required procedure for disciplining police officers in the state of MN. 
Bureau of Mediation Services BMS is a regulatory board that oversees public employee unions and grievances. 
Garrity vs New Jersey A case brief on the Garrity case. 
Garrity, Weingarten, and Loudermill Rights Explained. This site explains how the Garrity, Weingarten and Loudermill case law affects internal affairs investigations. 
Minnesota Labor Employment Law Blog This blog is run by MN attorneys who specialize in litigating labor laws for MN Govt. employees. 
MN Bureau of Mediation Services BMS is the oversite board of union grievances. 
Tennessen Warning This is the data privacy laws as it relate to public employees. 

Policy provides many policy templates. This is a subscription based service based on department size. 
IACPs Model Policies The International Association of Chiefs of Police provides several model policies for local law enforcement (Membership/login is required for most policies. 
League of Minnesota Cities The League of Minnesota Cities is an organization that represents and assists MN cities with Human Resources and legal issues. 
Lexipol Lexipol provides policy management services for Police Departments (Gordorn Graham's organization). 
MPD Policy Manual The Minneapolis Police Department Policy and Procedure Manual is a good policy resource for other agencies. 

Psychological Assessments

Campion, Barrow and Associates Campion, Barrow and Associates is located in Arden Hills. They provide psychological assessments for police departments in the areas of pre-employment, special assignment, promotion, and fitness-for-duty. 
Gary L. Fischler and Associates PA Fishcler and Associates assists police departments with pre-employment, promotional, and fitness-for-duty psychological examinations. 
Martin-McAllister Consulting Psychologists, Inc Martin-McAllister is located in downtown Minneapolis. They provide pre-employment, promotional, developmental, and fitness-for-duty psychological assessments along with critical incident stress debriefings, team building, training and coaching. 

Respectful Workplace

363A.03 - Sexual Harassment 363A.03 Subd 43 defines what is sexual harassment in the workplace. 
IACP Social Media Policy IACP provides model policies for managing issues that relate to social media. 

Work Comp

176.121 Wait Period for Compensation After Injury MN Statute 176.121 defines the period an employee must wait before being compensated after an injury. In Minnesota, the waiting period starts on the first day of any lost time and is three calendar-days long. Wage-loss benefits are not paid for the waiting period unless the disability continues for 10 calendar-days or longer. 
MN DOLI Work Comp Flow Chart MN Dept of Labor and Industry provides a useful flow chart that defines how a workers' compensation claim is processed in MN.